It could be just to make fun of them

Think of someone who could use a special personalized greeting card, framed cartoon caricature, or maybe even a T-shirt... 

MAXTRAXarts has a great Idea    for you!

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These cards below have been interactively created by a story, event, and or something especially personal for a particular person in mind.  

Each card has a story behind it. It may be funnier to the persons in the know than some that are unaware of the cards message. This is the entire point of the creation of this site, giving examples to give you an idea of how I could help create a special personalized card. I have seen the reaction of many who have received these cards and the laughs and attention these cards receive is a very special moment. I want you to experience that feeling of giving and taking an extra meaningful thought for someone deserving something special from your heart or twisted sense of humor. If you have any questions feel free to contact me on the "contact page" for an interactive creation. Thank you. 

Greeting Cards

Or someone who needs cheering up

For a loved one ( or keep yourself out of the dog house type of card). Which of course you know a greeting card will NOT cut it. So start fluffing up the couch cushions and lets make fun of his/hers  family members.

You don't have any excuse not to do something special for someone else ya selfish #*^//"@%!!!


1.) Think of someone special and the basic idea to personalize it and event if any.

2.) Email preferred On the contact page or call. Explain to me the scenario. Explanation of the person so I may capture their likeness. Pics help but not necessary. (EX: brown hair, glasses, tall, mole on left cheek ect...).

3.) Tell me what format you want it in, examples above.

4.) Discuss pricing and shipping and when you expect it.

5.) Wait for me to process in a very reasonable timeframe.

6.) I ship. You receive and give your gift to that special someone who just received the most heart touching and unique gift to ONLY that person from you.