Now if the photographed pic offend you then my parents deserve full blame. Since you brought up family This is the perfect time to tell you that This site was originally created to make sure I don't miss any opportunity to make fun of and exploit any family members embarrassing moments through a personalized greeting card. All in good humor of course, even if I am the only one laughing. I am ok with that. Seriously I am. But since they no longer talk to me. Now it your turn to resent me.  So drop me a line . this site has expanded it's options and opportunities to best suit your cartoon graphic needs. Thank you for visiting, Looking forward to your contact.

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Thank you for contacting me here is a little bit about me.

Hi there thank you for visiting Maxtrax arts I am very pleased you stopped by here to laugh at me. Do you usually laugh at strangers? Yes, so do I. Well let me ruin that for you. my name is Don I have lived in the beautiful serein Northern Minnesota most of my life. You will notice it's wildlife influence in my art. I am pleased to  explain to you that all of these cartoon images are created out of my very own twisted sense of humor that somehow gives me a pass as a cartoonist to push the limits. If any of these drawn images offend you please do not hesitate to fully blame me. I get full credit. And I will be happy to tell you , TOO BAD !

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