Hello! My name is Joy and I really en(joy) creating logo designs. I am dedicated to every stage of the process
involved from seed to beautiful flower.
Working as a designer has taught me that no matter what you work on, each project is different and unique in its
own way. I strive to exceed the expectations of my clients and to produce for them exceptional results—on budget
and on time. I take the time to talk with my clients about their project and to learn about their needs and desires
for the project. My location is Minnesota USA.
I also offer clients the opportunity to work with me in creating the overall look
or "feel" of the design by offering ideas, however general or specific.
If problems arise at any stage, I am available and happy to assist.
The best thing about working with me, is I will never stear you away from what you want.
I will give my professional opinion, but never dis-credit any idea.
I'm very thankful for being given the opportunity to collaborate in creating something that is loved & appreciated.
I am looking forward to creating a one of a kind design for you.
Thank you kindly.

Planet Designs has designed many company logo designs for budding companies. The vast design abilities are limitless. Contact us so we can get your design started.

                                                     See you soon...

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